Program Outcomes

“क्या विषय चुनें और क्यों चुनें”

महाविद्यालय में प्रवेश लेते समय यह आवश्यक है कि आपका उद्देश्य और लक्ष्य स्पष्ट हो । कृपया निम्न प्रोग्राम और उसके बाद के अवसरों की अच्छी तरह पड़ताल कर लें । निम्न आलेख में आपको एक दृष्टि देने का प्रयास किया गया है  


The main objective of the college is to provide such an atmosphere where a student not only learns to become a good citizen of the nation but prepares himself competent enough to meet the challenges at national and international level. The main aim and vision of the college is to impart academic and non-academic education to students so that they are closer to the main stream. Programs offered by the institution are stated and displayed on website and communicated to teachers and students as well. The focus of the college is to impart knowledge to the students with a clear cut and very scientific approach.

The various program outcome is stated as follows :


B.A :- BA program  offers Economics, History, Political Science, English Literature & and Hindi Literature. Economics help them to get jobs related to finances. It also makes them aware of the national economic scenario. History and Political Science help the students to lay the basic foundation of these subjects. They are later on benefited when they face various competitive exams in future. Literature subjects help them get a job in education sector as teachers.


B Sc (Math & Bio) :- Bachelors in Mathematics combination or biology combination helps them to lay a strong foundation and helps in pursuing master’s degree in these subjects. Later on they become eligible for various school education jobs.


B Com & M Com:- Graduation and master’s in commerce stream helps the students to go for C.A, ICWA and many accounting jobs.


M Sc (Chem. & Zoology):- These two master’s degree help the student to either proceed to research or else the demand is very high in school education as science PGT.


MA (Hindi, Pol Sc, Sociology, History) :- Program outcomes for master’s in these subjects are enormous. Apart from exploring new aspects of these subjects, they are also free to opt these papers in various competitive examinations. They are also eligible for various posts in school education as PGT.